Well Child Visits

The schedule for well visits is listed below. We schedule well visits up to 1 year in advance, and for infants the next appointment is scheduled when you leave each checkup. For older children and teens many parents schedule checkups around their child’s birthday, while it seems that many others wait for the spring and summer, making that a very busy time to get the appointments. Please plan ahead and call in advance, especially if you know forms for school or camp are required.

What To Expect at Well Visits:

Babies: We will take a detailed history about feeding, sleep development and address concerns you have. We will measure and weigh, plot a growth curve, examine, do developmental screens and give immunizations following the AAP schedule. The office will schedule appropriate follow-ups as necessary.

Children: We will take a detailed history including social, developmental and school issues, nutrition, and any concerns. Measurements, growth chart, BMI, blood pressure, and an exam are always done. A finger prick for anemia, hearing and vision screens (generally beginning at age 4), urinalysis and immunizations are done at the appropriate ages.

Teens: We will take a detailed history from the parent regarding any concerns, and also from the teen. School, social, and risky behaviors are addressed. An exam is done along with any other recommended procedures and immunizations.

Schedule for Well Visits

1 month
2 month
4 month
6 month
9 month
12 month
15 month
18 month
24 month
30 month
Once a year thereafter

Well-Child Checkups

If your child is 24 months or younger, they are likely on a checkup schedule. After 3 years of age, your child is due for a yearly check-up. Well-child checkups (AKA Healthchecks) focus on health and development. These checkups are also our best opportunity to vaccinate your child against common "childhood illnesses" and identify developmental concerns.

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