Office hours may vary depending on the season. Please contact our office for current daily hours.

What if my child is admitted to the hospital?
If there is ever a reason for a hospital admission then advise the hospital that Dr. Byron Cotton is the pediatrician. There can then be ongoing communication with our office, a discharge summary is sent to us, and follow up is done in our office as necessary.

What if I need a form completed?
There is a charge for completion of forms and patient letters. All patients can receive a complimentary updated 3231 form, the immunization form needed for all daycares and schools, at a visit when immunizations are given. Please make sure you request your updated 3231 and 3300 form while in the office as there is a charge of $10.00 per form outside of the day of the appointment. Sports forms, camp forms, and school forms can be filled out for an additional charge. (Sports Physical forms can be completed free of charge if brought on the day of the physical and allowed 7 days to complete processing) Please be sure to fill out your portion ahead of time. Due to the amount of administrative time required, there is a fee between $2.00 and $45.00 for all forms, including disability and school forms, etc. Please allow 7 days for processing. Urgent request will incur an additional fee.

What if I need to request medical records.
To request a copy of your records please submit the release form. The administrative charge for record copying and sending is $10-40. Payment is due upon request. Please allow 7 business days to complete request. Urgent request will incur an additional fee. We reserve the right to put records on CD.

How does the clinical advice line work?
Our clinical advice is available free of charge during office hours to help you with routine advice, help decide if an office visit is necessary, and process prescription refills. At times, at your request, with provider guidance certain medical conditions can be handled safely over the phone, saving you an office visit. Please be aware that you may be asked to leave a message so that your call can be reviewed with a provider before your call is returned.

What do I do after hours?
A provider is available after hours to answer your urgent and emergent needs. If it is a life threatening emergency then call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room. When the provider is available to answer after hours calls, appropriate medical guidance will be provided.

What should I do if I have an Emergency?
Call 911 for an emergency.

Will you call in prescription medicines?
Many illnesses in children are viral and don’t require antibiotics. It is important for your child to be seen first to decide if antibiotics are necessary, therefore, we may ask that you schedule a sick visit for evaluation of the condition. We ask that you contact as before your child runs out of medication so that treatment of the condition is not delayed.

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