Teen visits provide a secure and confidential setting for the teen to ask questions and relay concerns they may not otherwise be able to express.  Adolescence and teenage years are often a time of diverse changes in the mind and body and we want to provide clear information and resources regarding relationships, weight, image, and difficult topics such as drugs, alcohol and sex.  It is our responsibility to provide alternatives to teens who feel pressure to become involved in risky behaviors.

There is a transition from childhood to adulthood, and adolescents begin to establish patterns of behavior.  The lifestyle choices and behaviors are influenced by constant feedback from individuals, peers, family, school, community and other sources.  These influences are contributing factors to the teens overall health, safety, and well-being.  There are six main contributors that may lead to death and disability among adolescents to include alcohol and drug use, violence/suicide, smoking, nutrition, physical activity and sexual behavior.  By providing teens with an opportunity and environment to express there concern provides a better opportunity to assist teens with dealing with these issues.