At Kids & Teens Primary Healthcare, we schedule sick visits, recheck visits, and visits for more chronic conditions in advance or the same day when available.  We reserve slots each day for children who need to be seen that day for an acute illness or injury. Calling at 8:30 am, is generally the best way to be sure your child gets a slot. We adjust the number of slots as needed, but sometimes, like during a busy flu season, we “run out”. In that case, we take advantage of our mini-clinic to triage patients who may merely need a throat culture, urine specimen, or similar treatments that may not require the attention of the physician. These are convenient same day “nurse visits”. Rest assured that all children with serious medical conditions are able to be seen.

Sometimes injuries happen during the day and we can help assess whether it is best to come to our office or go to the emergency room. Be sure to tell our front office staff that your child has had an acute injury so we can properly help you.

Same Day Sick Visits

We provide an ample amount of slots in our schedule to accommodate sick visits. During flu season, we open our schedule up for more sick visits. If by chance you are unsure if you really need to come in, our highly trained Clinical Staff will assess your child's chief medical complaint and offer assistance in the most appropriate course of action which, in some cases, may be to go directly to the emergency room.